About Us

Hey folks! Welcome to Shipwreck Over Safety, a podcast created by Dallas Verity and Blair Roberts.

Both of us wrestle with our place in the current landscape of Christianity. We both grew up in the church and know her well. There’s lots beautiful to find in church. Generosity. Grace. Forgiveness. Sacrifice. Love of neighbor. Inclusion. At the same time, there is also lots of ugliness mixed in. Racism. Nationalism. Homophobia. Greed. Exclusion. We both care deeply about this community, but are unsettled with how distorted it’s become in many of its iterations. So we want to acknowledge the good and bad, and have some honest conversations about faith, doubt, justice and how it relates to Christianity.

This isn’t meant to be a stone throwing exercise, but we do confess to being judgmental at times as the conversations are meant to be raw and sincere. This podcast isn’t about presenting ourselves a certain way, at least we hope it’s not. Rather, it’s a chance for us to be honest. Hopefully with ourselves, but also with others who are willing to have honest conversations about the good, the bad and the ugly.

We are just two white guys who grew up in the church. No one really needs to hear more from our particular demographic. White males too often monopolize the conversation and drown out other voices that don’t have our privilege. So why do this? We hope to affect change in ourselves and others like us. Not because we are so great. If anything, we admit to being wholly inadequate. We aren’t perfect embodiment’s of faith in Jesus by any stretch. Blair admits to barely even holding on to his faith anymore, but still sees something so compelling in Jesus that he hasn’t fallen into complete apathy. Dallas is holding strong to Jesus but is unwilling to stay silent, wanting more for the church and the marginalized. So we struggle to live in that tension, quite often falling and failing. We hope that this discussion will spur us on as much as it does anyone else. We’re both cynical, but have realized we can’t live in cynicism forever. At some point, you have to move forward into something new and hopeful, or life just becomes miserable and a combination of atrophy and entropy will occur. It might all be true or none of it is. Either way, we want to explore and challenge and learn. We plan to amplify voices from the margins and talk to people who can share a new vision of faith.

Mostly, we believe others want to have the same conversations that we are having: talking theology, theopraxy, church, life, Jesus and what it all means. At the same time, we’ll be making bad dad jokes while drinking beers and bad scotch, laughing and raging against the metaphorical machine while we hang in Dallas’ basement. That’s why we’re here. Even if this ends up going nowhere and ending up back with Dallas and Blair in the basement, we wanted to have these conversations in public and see what it stirs up. We suspect there are others wanting to have these conversations as well. So let’s get heretical together.

Episodes air every other Wednesday until we run out of crap to talk about. We hope you’ll hang with us.

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