Episode 6: Losing Faith

What does it feel like to lose your faith in God and the church? Why do people lose their faith? What does it look like to find something new on the other side? Is it worth holding onto faith and christianity when you're drowning in fears and doubts? So many have gone through the painful... Continue Reading →

Episode 4: Mental Health & The Church

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode talks openly about mental health struggles and mentions suicide, reparative therapy and other words that may cause emotional harm to some. Please don't listen if these conversations might hurt rather than help you. If you are in that place, we encourage you to reach out and get help from a safe... Continue Reading →

Episode 3: What In The Evangelic-hell?

Oh, evangelicals...specifically of the white variety. The blind support of Trump from white evangelicals has brought us to a breaking point, one we should have reached long ago. The need for an honest conversation and serious evaluation is long overdue. Some people are sick of this conversation. Some call for "unity" amongst differing opinions. Others... Continue Reading →

Episode 2: Weird Sh*t Christians Say

God needed another angel...Everything happens for a reason...Love the sinner, hate the sin...It's a slippery slope... This episode dives into Christian cliches, the damage they can do, the challenges they present, and why most of them should just be thrown in the trash and eliminated from our vocabulary.   Episode 2: Weird Sh*t Christians Say

Episode 1: Who The Hell Are These Guys?

What is Shipwreck Over Safety? Who are Dallas and Blair? Why are we doing this? We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and explore what we want to accomplish with this podcast. Our tagline is "conversations on faith, justice and doubt." We hope you'll join us in our discussion. Apologies for the choppy editing and... Continue Reading →

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