Episode Summary

We invited one of our favourite hockey people on the pod to talk hockey and faith, and now he’s now simply one of our favourite people!

“Stick to sports” is thrown any time people don’t want to talk politics or justice in sports. We discuss the reasons why and why it’s important not to follow that advice. We talked about inclusivity in hockey and whether hockey really is for everyone. Ian also shares about his evolving faith, and the challenges faced while dealing with his wife’s cancer diagnosis. Join us as we discuss all things hockey, sports, faith and justice. This was an awesome conversation, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Stick To Sports? (w/ Ian McLaren)

Episode Notes

You can catch up with Ian on his website, where he writes about all things from sports to life.

Find him on the Twitter-sphere for sick puns and good commentary.

You can download and listen the Locked On Bruins podcast anywhere podcasts are found.

You can download the Know Justice w/ John Howard Society of Saskatchewan podcast anywhere podcasts are found.

We referenced a ton of writers and musicians throughout the episode, so be sure to google their names and support their work!

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