SEASON 3, EPISODE 9: Create In The Image Of God (w/ Stacey Chomiak)

Episode Summary

Today we talk art, faith and sexual identity with Stacey Chomiak. Stacey’s a gifted author, artist and animator by trade. She’s also a passionate LGBTQ2S+ Christian committed to seeing the church become more inclusive. We talk about the intersection of art, faith and sexuality.

We also dive into how non-affirming churches quite often respond to LGBTQ2S+ Christians with mixed messages and a lack of clarity at best, and downright disdain and hatred at worst. Stacey shares about being booted from her workshop presentation at a non-affirming conference because the powers that be got nervous. It’s a 101 class on how faith groups should NOT handle these situations. We also talk being allies, and what that should look like when it comes to joining or staying in non-affirming churches.

Join us for an amazingly heartfelt conversation with Stacey Chomiak. You won’t want to miss it.

Create In The Image Of God (w/ Stacey Chomiak)

Episode Notes

You can find Stacey Chomiak’s brilliant artwork on Instagram.

Visit her website at You can see details about all her incredible animation work. Make sure you watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to find out what your cutie mark is telling you. Don’t judge Dallas and I for being Bronies.

Check out Rainbow Boy wherever books are sold. Don’t forget to buy one for your church library!

Go watch/listen to Stacey’s workshop, Owning My Gay Christian Story. It’s spectacular and brave! And huge respect to the folks at SheLoves Magazine for picking it up and promoting it after the conference where it was supposed to shown cowered. Stacey’s grace and kindness under fire is something special. 

The quote at the start of the episode came from Shameless: A Sexual Reformation by Nadia Bolz-Weber. She’s a gem. Check out all her books. 

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Special thanks to Northcote for letting us use their incredible music. Please support and buy their music. They have a new album out and it is wildly good! Go buy it!

Thanks to Bryan Neufeld for creating our logo. Give him a shout for all your design needs.

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