Bonus Episode: Christmas w/ The Chip Chomp Boys

Episode Summary

Are you ready for your annual dose of Christmas nonsense? Dallas and Blair are back with a very special guest, the one and only Mr. Bobby Moore, to update the war on Christmas, share a slightly intoxicated re-telling of the birth of Jesus, and other general weirdness.

We didn’t say it was worth your time, so you’ve been warned. But it sure was fun. Stay tuned for a full episode with Bobby down the road.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Festivus or whatever you are celebrating. We wish you all the best in 2020. Thanks for hanging with us through our weirdness.

Bonus Episode: Christmas w/ The Chip Chomp Boys

Episode Notes

Intro and transition tune credit to Brett Moots and Noisewaves for their fun Christmas remixes found on the Xmas Compilation 2010.

Also to the Haydn Quartet for their rendition of Silent Night and to Henry Burr for his singing of Hark The Herald Angels Sing found on Voices of Christmas Past.

Movie quotes from The Grinch, The Ref, Goodwill Hunting, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Talladega Nights.

Other quotes from Chris Farley’s legendary Matt Foley “Down By The River “SNL skit, Christine Sydelko’s hilarious Vine video, and other randomness found for free on the interwebs. 

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Thanks to Bobby for joining us. He truly is a gem of a human being.

Special thanks to Northcote for letting us use their incredible music. Please support by buying their music.

Thanks to Bryan Neufeld for creating our logo. Give him a shout for all your design needs.

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