SEASON 3, EPISODE 7: Faith, Science and Advocacy (w/ Mike McHargue)

Episode Summary

We had the distinct pleasure of chatting with Mike McHargue, one of our very favourite author/speaker/advocates in the world! He’s a science expert with a brilliant mind and a passion to make the world a better place for those on the margins. Mike’s vulnerability and empathy as he navigates life is a source of inspiration to many. On this episode, we discussed what’s going on in our brain when we feel shame, the impacts of technology in our world, Covid-19, and how to be a good ally/advocate. There’s lots to unpack, so it’s best you just listen! We know you’ll benefit from hearing what he has to say in the madness that is 2020. Listen up!

Faith, Science and Advocacy (w/ Mike McHargue)

Episode Notes

You can find Mike McHargue on Facebook, TwitterYoutube, and Instagram.

Visit his website at Check out both of his books here

Follow the link to find information on his new multi platform show, The Cozy Robot Show. You can also support his work on Patreon. You can still hear his old Ask Science Mike podcast episodes if you want to do a deep dive! It’s worth your time.

Find more information on The Overview Program, which we describe at the end of the episode.

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