SEASON 3, EPISODE 6: My CCM Soundtracked Life (w/ Jamie Kocur)

Episode Summary

If you’re like most christian folks (current or former), you are likely familiar with the Contemporary Christian Music genre. Music has a power unlike anything else in this world. It can beautifully connect us to something deeper within ourselves. But when it’s packaged and marketed for christian consumption and separated from so-called “secular” music, it can also be manipulative, shallow, and not at all about Jesus. Of course, it’s not all bad. But this strange christian sub-culture is an odd beast to reckon with. We are joined by Jamie Kocur, a brilliant singer, songwriter and author. We discuss her book, “My CCM Soundtracked Life.” She walks us through her relationship to CCM music and the ways in which it shaped her. We talk about the latest Bethel and Sean Feucht madness and why Michael W. Smith felt it necessary to hold a concert in the middle of a pandemic. We discuss trying to find hope in the midst of what often feels hopeless. We are grateful to have her expertise for this deep dive into christian culture. Listen up!

My CCM Soundtracked Life (w/ Jamie Kocur)

Episode Notes

You can find Jamie on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

You can order My CCM Soundtracked Life here if you’re in the US. If you’re one of our Canadian listeners, or you hail from elsewhere in this world, connect with Jamie on social media about getting your copy. 

Check out some more of Jamie’s writing here.

Jamie mentions DL Mayfield during our interview. Follow her on Twitter.

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