SEASON 3, EPISODE 4: Healthy Living & Healthy Faith (w/ Rob Hartman)

Episode Summary

Dallas and Blair are here to pump…YOU UP! We are joined by Rob Hartman, a fitness enthusiast, football coach, personal trainer, former Pastor, and all around solid dude. He might be the brother-in-law to Dallas, but don’t hold that against him. We spend lots of time talking about fitness and the connection between taking care of your body and spirituality. We also discuss his role coaching women’s football and upending misogyny in sports.

Rob is an American, so we spend time diving into the differences between Canadian and American culture, from healthcare to gun control. We also talk about getting burned by the church and being burned out by ministry. Rob shares with us his process of deconstruction, how he reads the bible and how his faith has shifted. Join us and have a listen!

Healthy Living & Healthy Faith (w/ Rob Hartman)

Episode Notes

Learn more about Neurotyping here.

Cheer on the Regina Riot whenever the league starts up again! Look up your local women’s football league and give them your support. It’s time to get rid of the misogyny so prevalent in our sports culture. 

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