SEASON 3, EPISODE 3: Being Who God Made You To Be (w/ Matt Nightingale)

Episode Summary

Most of us don’t know the experience of having to live life trying to be someone we’re not. We don’t know what it’s like to be told that who you are is not acceptable, and the only way to please God is if you change everything about yourself. Our LGBTQ2S+ siblings deal with this all the time. This is the story of someone who discovered himself as God’s beloved, just as he is.

The wisdom and grace of Matt Nightingale are pretty unmatched in our world. His vulnerability draws you in and breaks down your walls and draws you in. We discuss the process of coming into his own as a gay Christian man while very much loving his wife and children. We also talk about the importance of queer representation and the need for churches to be clear about what they believe. Matt’s one of our favourites! Tune in and check it out.

Episode Notes

You can find Matt Nightingale on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Visit his website here for more information and to support Matt’s work. Click the links to find out more about Matthew’s church, Quest Novato, and learn more about his work with The Journey Center.

To watch the TedX youtube video we discussed: Choosing Gratitude and Hope

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