Matthew Distefano

-Can I say this at church interview here:

-Working with people who are non-verbal instantly destroyed the idea that people “get to heaven” by professing verbally that they are followers of Jesus. They have taught me about sooooo much, and most certainly have the image of God in them! If there isn’t room for them in your theology, I want no part of it tbh.

-More on kids with reactive attachment disorder here:

-What does it mean to be trauma informed? Here’s a little intro:

-The bible doesn’t condemn slavery?

-Genocide in the bible?

-Infanticide in the bible?

-“everyone seems to have a different definition on what it means to be a Christian”

-Stephen Backhouse on Christianity and nationalism: (seriously, this is SUPER helpful)

-Everyone is a heretic in someone else’s book!

-Some of Matthew’s (and ours) “heresies:

-don’t believe in Eternal Conscious Torment:

-don’t believe in Substitionary atonement:

-don’t believe in inerrancy/infallible bible:

-no violence in God

-Jersak’s take that I referenced on ECT can be found here:

-“Fuck it. If you are gonna say all these things, I’m going to strip it of it’s power and take on that label of Heretic”

-Here’s the Heretic community on Facebook:

-The episode we referenced on people being offended by the language more than the abuse can be found here:

-Who are the real snowflakes? Hear the message behind the language!

-You can be the kindest person and use salty language or never cuss and say some of the most hurtful things imaginable.

-the video about Hindu guy using the word Fuck that Matthew references(NSFW):

-people who cuss are smarter and more popular:😉

-Read black theologians! Some examples:

Cornell West:

James Cone:

-Killer Mike netflix series:

-Cannabis! What are your thoughts? Like I mentioned, I haven’t been super public about this. Mostly I don’t want to lose the opportunity to enter the states in the future (which has happened to many Canadians who admit they use cannabis). The other part is the stigma around it that was instilled in me since I was little.

As mentioned in the interview, it isn’t something for everybody, and my intention in bringing it up is more about transparency, and ending the stigma than it is promotion of it for all.

Considering the amount of different medications I tried that had horrible and long lasting side effects, I’m grateful for the freedom and flexibility Cannabis has offered me. I don’t intend to oversell it as a solution for everything or everyone, but I can’t understate how important it has been for me in my ability to survive!

-Refractory Celiac disease:

-The door bell in the background is a beautiful thing! Remember that each of our guests are taking time off of family, work, etc to share with us! We are grateful to every guest and the time they take away from their lives to share with us!

-“We need to have more mature conversations”

-Check out Heretic Happy Hour here:

If you enjoy the topics we chat about, these folks have been doing this work much longer!

-If you want to check out “Devoted as Fuck”, go here:

-Bonfire sessions can be found here:

-Quoir publishing:

-Find all of Matthew’s stuff at

-Check out Northcote here:

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