SEASON 3, EPISODE 2: Farewell, Matthew Distefano (w/ Matthew Distefano)

Episode Summary

Remember when John Piper farewell’ed Rob Bell on Twitter? Before cancel culture was cool to make fun of, evangelical gatekeepers perfected the technique by canceling anyone who disagreed with their narrow interpretation of faith. Of course, regardless of what the supposed gatekeepers say, there are different ways to believe and live a life of faith in God. At least we hope so, or we’re screwed…

We’re excited to bring you known heretic, Matthew Distefano, for a wide ranging conversation on all the heresy. Among other heretical ideas, we discuss leaving “traditional” beliefs behind, cussing (salty language warning), using marijuana, and racial justice… All this and more in today’s episode.

Farewell, Matthew Distefano… (w/ Matthew Distefano)

Episode Notes

You can find Matthew Distefano on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out his many books here. Special shoutout to Devoted As F*ck, which we discuss in this episode. 

You can hear his podcasts, Heretic Happy Hour and The Bonfire Sessions, wherever you listen to podcasts.

Visit his website at for more information, to read her blog, book her for speaking, and to support her work. 

Please consider supporting Matthew on Patreon through a monthly donation if you are able. We encourage you to support his work!

Hang with us throughout the week on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Please subscribe/rate our podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen. 

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