Stephanie Tait

-Content Warning: Discussions of sexual abuse, pedophilia. Man, these are tough conversations. If you’ve been impacted by this stuff, feel free to ignore this episode. We’ll catch you on the next one.

-Welcome back folks!

-Do you have hope that we are at a turning point? Why or why not? Leave a comment.

-Hear the Northcote cover of Chris Stapleton? Check it here:

-Stephanie can be found at

-Stephanie’s book “The View From Rock Bottom” can be found here:

-We refer to Sarah Bessey’s book as well here:

-Can you imagine being undiagnosed with something so severe for that long? Check out her story on the Today Show:

-Here’s even more on what she mentioned about bias against women in medicine. I didn’t know any of this stuff, so I’m grateful to learn another one of my blind spots and continue to grow:

-“Just Wait and See… God’s gonna do something miraculous.” I heard similar things.

-On laying on of hands: please know that for all those who did this for me (many of my loved ones did), I know the intent is beautiful and your desire to see me healed from pain shows your love for me… but… Stephanie explains it really really well. Thoughts?

-“I shouldn’t have to feel like your faith hangs in the balance of my health” WOW.

-When Stephanie shared about her laying on the bathroom floor pleading with God, and the family who loves you begging God to heal you… I felt that deep inside. If my desperate pleas for healing weren’t “the right kind” of prayers… Oof.

-“We are the podcast for saying all the things.”

-“This is a god we made up.” Mystery, and finding comfort in the mystery. What a beautiful thing to think about. It’s brought me so much freedom to lean into mystery from a lifetime of certainty.

-She mentions Piper’s blog, and I mostly link things… but not his stuff. Is it censorship? Nope. My blog haha.

-Did you grow up believing you were just “too much”? If so, I’m so sorry. I don’t think you are too much. You are wonderful, just as you are.

-Can you imagine not leaving your house for 132 days?!? At. All?!?

-“People would cut off their own nose if it meant their neighbour didn’t get something for free”… an American ideal.

-People have value regardless of who they are attached too. This was/is an important lesson to me as well.

-It should be our baseline to give a shit.

-I’ll be honest, I lacked a lot of empathy for people living with disability before I ended up with my own chronic disability. I also lacked empathy for myself.

-Systemic ableism in the church is leading to way more disability and destruction of any form of “witness”.

-Menlo Church:

- follow Ruth on Twitter for the best inside information on what is happening. Ruth is a hero here for actively calling on this church to change.

Look through all the work collected with plenty of evidence to show that they are still not being honest or clear:

-THIS IS NOT CANCEL CULTURE, and if you think that, you are wrong. This is patterned and blatant injustice. Their PR firm is trying to help deny, cover, move on.

-Any time Menlo Church or John Ortberg are mentioned online, it collects that data and makes it more likely to bring attention to this story, and ultimately get justice. Tag, share, talk about it. Email or write letters. Ask your pastors if they would be willing to sign a petition or speak out publicly.

-Also, feel free to call on their higher denominational structure to step up here:

-Sound familiar? Here’s some déjà vu in the church protecting itself over victims (content warning: sexual assault and coverup):

-more on Evangelical’s anti-trans views: “A similar divide emerged over whether the government should bar discrimination against people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in workplaces, housing or schools. About 6 in 10 Catholics, white mainline Protestants and nonwhite Protestants supported those protections, compared with about a third of white evangelical Protestants.”

-Here’s more on the story about the Supreme Court’s decision on birth control:

-What are your thoughts on Stephanie’s story of adoption as trauma? Personally, I agree. The both/and she was talking about.

-“If we don’t have a healthy and robust theology of suffering, we don’t know how to deal with these things!”

-The biblical story she shares about:

-Bryan Neufeld art at:

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