SEASON 3, EPISODE 1: Theology of Suffering, COVID-19/Ableism, Menlo Church Cover-up and Adoption (w/ Stephanie Tait)

Episode Summary

We’re kicking off season 3 today with an incredible guest! Stephanie Tait has long been one of our favourite writers and voices. Stephanie joins us for a wide ranging discussion all tied together by how bad theology lies at the heart of so much of what is wrong in our world.

She’s developed a healthy theology of suffering, living with 15 years of misdiagnosis until finally learning she had Lyme Disease. We also discuss ableism, and how our world and the church both need to do a better job of caring for the other as opposed to focusing on individual rights. Stephanie also has much wisdom to share around the ongoing Menlo church crisis, as they deal with an absence of spiritual leadership and mismanagement, along with the cover-up of potential abuse and endangering their people (by allowing a predator to be in proximity to vulnerable populations). We also discuss the recent Supreme Court decision allowing certain religious groups to deny coverage for birth control in their medical plans, how it relates to adoption and abortion, and how often the church messes this conversation up.

All this and more! We’re pumped to be back.

Episode Notes

You can find Stephanie Tait on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Buy their book, The View From Rock Bottom: Discovering God’s Embrace in our Pain, on Amazon or anywhere books are sold. 

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