SEASON 2, EPISODE 12: Learning To Listen: Abortion, Purity Culture, and Sex Education (w/ Taryn Wahl)

Episode Summary

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear Planned Parenthood? Of course, it’s abortion. The conversation around Planned Parenthood and abortion in Christian circles has been messy and at times, misinformed. Heck, conversations in Christian circles about sexuality in general are messy and misinformed. Without an agenda, but eager to learn, we set out so speak with someone who could add some nuance to the conversation, and we found the perfect fit for the Shipwreck crew.

Taryn Wahl is an Education Coordinator at Planned Parenthood. She spent much of her early life in church, and understands the intensity of the conversation around pro-life vs. pro-choice. We discuss what those terms actually mean. She tells us about her work as an educator and her belief in the importance of being sex positive, taking out the shame that purity culture has ingrained on us.

Episode Notes

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