Kevin Garcia Episode Thoughts…

Kevin Garcia


-Anyone doing April fools jokes? Or is it not appropriate during a pandemic?

-I like Blair. Not sure I’d survive without that beauty.

-I’m totally a fanboy during this episode, for the record.

-Recognize the new Northcote? Check it out here:

-Fluffy straight white dudes who drink craft beer in the basement! That’s us!

-Bad Theology Kills: BUY IT HERE (or anywhere):

-A Tiny Revolution (episode with Nadia Bolz Weber):

-Queerly Beloved Clothing Line:

-Big Queer Adventure Co:

-Kevin’s life coach work:

-“It’s the nice thing to do!” Yes! This is why we use their pronouns.  I also found it helpful that Kevin mentioned the problem with using “preferred” pronouns.

-Genderqueer? Here’s a bit more info:

-“If it looks and quacks and acts like a dude…it could be a lady in disguise!”


-When you mess up, just apologize and move on! It’s not difficult, it’s just different.

-The Gay agenda – a big brunch! I can’t stop giggling, tbh. I love how Kevin can laugh and bring us the truth while being able to use humour.

-The real Gay agenda – STAYING ALIVE! Stop queer folks from killing themselves. Amen.

-Micky Scott Bey Jones –

-Tennessee – Blair, you’re the only 10 I see…I have some good friends in Tennessee!

-“Homo sex is sin? Homo sex is in baby!” Lol

-Ex Gay Therapy…we need to rid the world of this immediately.

-Gaslit into being straight for a while. Wow.

-“I hated myself a lot”. This is EXACTLY what is meant by Bad Theology Kills. God loves us, but we should hate ourselves? Barf. Bad, bad, bad theology.

-“Marriage is defined as…” arg. One of my biggest struggles with the church and “doctrinal statements”.

-Anti-establishment Christian…sound familiar? Haha. See why we love Kevin?

-“Trauma lives in the body”… anyone else feeling this, especially amidst the current times? I sure do. Therapy has also led me to see this as reality in my own life.

-the story of the white denim coat may be one of my favourite chapters in the book. It’s a beautiful description of what freedom from fear and shame can look like. Can’t wait to see it as a stand alone kids book!

-“Liberation for all is liberation for all”. Love how Kevin corrects us here and teaches us the truth!

-Intersectionality –

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help…this is hard for most people, myself included.

-“Real church”. The Spirit of God is on twitter. Believe it folks!

-Chad and Karen. We love you. We use the name Dave to describe folks that bug us.

-Perhaps we need to care less about whether others view us as “real Christians” and, as Kevin mentioned, just rest in who God says we are…Beloved!

-Name the bad theology! Calvinism is bad theology. I grew up with it, and it caused so much shame and fear.


-Queer folks hear “you are gross, and dirty to your core” their whole life in much of the evangelical world. This is tragic.

-“I am good. I am the beloved of God.” Positive self talk. I need to practice this as well. Thanks, Kevin!

-“The church has seen sex as it’s biggest competition!” Wow! No doubt!

-Who else was told about the flower/dollar bill in comparison to our purity?

-“Desire is the roadmap back to God”

-Lube! We never did hear the off air story, but even thinking now, I’m just so glad that Kevin was so open to talk about sex, cum, lube, etc…Christians are so afraid to talk openly about this, and so we get destroyed by shame! Not just queer people. I can resonate deeply with feeling shame over sex.

-Tarot readings. Anyone else get all worked up inside when you hear this? I love how Kevin approaches it! “It’s a deck of cards.”

-Satanic panic – here’s the CBC doc –

-“Come get me when I’m in downward dog Satan” 😂

-Everyone has access to the Holy Spirit!!! “God ain’t playing favourites!”

-Tarot is a tool to help listen to God. This may not resonate with you, and that’s OK! If it helps you slow down, listen, etc…that’s great!

-Meditations on the Tarot here:

-“There is happiness beyond your sense of control…if you want to find hope, look for it in the people who are helping.”

-“Once we have healed, we can help heal everybody else”

-Course in Miracles: (I’m not 100% sure this is the book Kevin was talking about!)

-5 minutes a day. 5 minutes a day. 5 minutes a day.

-Wanna hire Kevin as a life coach? Check it out here:

-Any good Canadian boys looking for love?

-“Take responsibility for 1% of your own healing” hmmm. I actually really really like this.

-I can’t wait to have Kevin back on in the future! What a beautiful convo!

-Imagine if you were told your whole life that being straight was gross, that straight sex was an abomination, that being pregnant was against God’s will. Please imagine if you were told and you believed this YOUR WHOLE LIFE! Even as a cis-het man I’m having to deconstruct bad theology and process trauma. Now thinking of my Queer siblings…my heart breaks.

-Christians suck at dealing properly with race and sex. It’s one of the most exhausting part of the church.

-For the record, yes, our agenda at Shipwreck over Safety is also to see queer kids not kill themselves, and to see black lives actually matter to us as much as our white neighbours.

-We don’t need permission to love, or to show compassion.

-Dave, are you even listening?

-I lied, I have a tiktok now.

-Orange Tic Tac’s rule all Tic Tac’s.

-Bryan Neufeld art at:

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