Thomas Jay Oord Episode Thoughts…


-Sorry for “singing” again.

-Those opening quotes should tell you where this episode is going. What does a loving God actually look like?

-Hope this isn’t supposed to be your escape from all things Coronavirus. Even though the interview itself with Thomas was recorded at a time pre-Corona, the conversation is EXTREMELY relevant as we talk about things like what God Can/can’t do. I don’t believe God can singlehandedly stop Corona virus. Big claim, I know. Keep listening!

-Treaty 4 Territory: Find out what land you are on here:

-Coronavirus. Full on Panic. We are in Canada. We know context is important, although it is taking over everything everywhere at the moment.

-Enneagram stuff here:

I’m a 6w5… here is more on it:

-“God Can’t” Get it Here:

-Why doesn’t God stop evil? Seriously, why doesn’t God? Seriously.

Maybe God Can’t?

-Be open to the possibility!

-Who is our audience? Did I answer it well? It’s hard as we’ve had so many conversations with beautiful diverse folks who listen to the Shipwreck pod. We love the vast variety that are able to engage with our work!

-God and prayer. This is the area I feel the least certain and confident about.

-So… I asked the guest to give us an introduction, which we’ve done for a while, BUT some really wise folks on twitter mentioned that it appears lazy. That was never our intent, but we want to learn and grow, and so going forward, we will do the intros and keep trying to listen and learn!

-“I want to live a life of love”

-As you can see by Oord’s resume, he has had a lot of education, experience and work!

-“If there is a God, why is there genuine evil, pointless pain, unnecessary suffering?”

-“The uncontrolling love of God”:

-Does the title turn you off from the book or concept?

-Cliche episode here:

-Most of the time people are good hearted and trying to help.

-“Bruce All-Loving” 🤣

-“God simply Can’t control”

-Remember it’s not “God won’t”, but “God can’t”.

-Is this God less powerful? No!

-“Love is inherent towards empowering others”

-Calvinism… ugh. This is what I call a fear based type of theology.

-If God could do it singlehandedly, why would He need us to pray?

-Prayer makes a difference on the world and God. God is truly affected by what happens in the world.

-“Our actions impact others”… 😳 Relatable right now? Yup.

-“Relentless Love View”: God wont control or coerce, but will pursue us.

-Eternal Conscious Torment- Brad Jersak talked about this more here:

-The deep intuition to be loving. I like to think we all have this at some points in life!

-Some days, we probably all doubt the existence of God. That’s ok. That means we are thinking, processing, learning, and trying to find answers.

-Oord’s website:

-Question for the giveaway: How many people have contributed to books/articles that Thomas has edited or written?

*Winner Announced on April 1st*

-Paul in Athens –

-If you run out of toilet paper, there are lots of systematic theology texts that would do in a bind…

-Thanks again for listening! Feel free to subscribe, and leave a review!

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