Two-Spirit Episode Thoughts…


-“first of all, shutup!” Touche!

-Co-beloved. Aren’t we all co-beloved?!

-Treaties – learn more here –

-Broken treaties – learn more here –

-What land do you live on? Check it out here:

-Ya, we talk about privilege again. We do get a little bit of pushback every time we bring it up! Not gonna stop though, as both Blair and I believe it’s important.

-As mentioned, having a guest on that’s anonymous, it’s new to us as we like to publicly affirm and celebrate all of our guests. This doesn’t mean we don’t affirm and love this individual, because we do, we just want to honour the legitimate reasons why they’ve chosen to remain anonymous!

-What’s the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation? Here’s a start:

-As Blair mentions, remember, we aren’t experts on any of this. We are trying. We are learning WITH you!

-The gay agenda…please stop. No one is going to “make your kid gay” or whatever else your theory is on what the “gay agenda” is. To me the only agenda I see is for all of us (including Queer folk) to find freedom in being who we all are at our deepest levels.

-Here’s our interview with Matt:

-Austen Hartke:

-Kevin Garcia:

-Our interview with Jersak:

-Stats on queer kids and homelessness:

-“Openness is the first step!” -Blair

-John Howard Society and Lulu Lodge:

-Jesus saying “Come as you are!”:

-Why we shouldn’t out Queer folks?!:

-Can young kids know their gender?:

-“What if our kid changes their mind?!?” I’ve heard this fear before. Gender fluidity may be one way to understanding better…:

-Stats on parents affirming kids:

-Some more info on what “Two Spirit” means:

-“I didn’t get to choose to be attracted to both genders.” YUP! Not a choice.

-Our guest makes an excellent point about how kids are much more understanding than adults most of the time. I’ve seen this so often.

-Misgendering. Is this harmful? We believe it is. Here’s why:

-“Why are we even asking kids their gender in the first place?” YESSSS!

-List of Saskatchewan Queer support groups:

-Just in case you don’t know what Residential schools are:

-Impacts of trauma from residential schools:

-Trauma and warped sense of humour:

-Our wonderful chat with Jay can be found here:

-How to find safe places in churches for Queer folks? It’s very hard. Church clarity is a fantastic organization. Check them out here:

-We’ve used the term colonization a few times. Here’s what we mean:

-“Creator and God, same person” 👏👏👏

-“The church that was home for me, isn’t home anymore.” Bet this resonates with a few folks. Sometimes not out of hurt, but a lot of the time it is.

-“Math sucks anyways!” -Blair (remember, we both went to bible college so we didn’t have to take math)

-Christians and purity culture are a terrifying mix… 😬

-James Cone:

-Austin Channing Brown:

-We aren’t original. We know that!

-Northcote is so beautiful. Yummy yum. 🎶


-“I’m the perfect token person” 😮 It hurt, but not because she was wrong, because we know there’s some truth to it!


Letterkenny Problems Ep. 1



-So grateful for our guest and how she not only taught us, but shared some strong reminders about how to be an effective ally.

-“Let your kid take the lead, and don’t push it!”

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