SEASON 2, EPISODE 8: Learning To Listen – Raising A Two-Spirit Child

Episode Summary

A parents key job in life is to love and protect their kids. That much SHOULD be obvious. But sadly, this simple truth isn’t always so obvious to those in the church raising LGBTQ2S+ youth. There are too many cases where the hatred of conversion therapy and brutality of kicking a child into the streets are somehow twisted into a warped form of love. In a scary world, kids need a safe place to be themselves, and if their parents can’t fulfill this role, the church should step in.

We talk with an anonymous guest today about raising a two-spirit child. She stays anonymous for the safety of her child, knowing it’s not her role to tell his story before he’s ready. But what she does share is a lesson in love and courage (from both her and her son) that we can all learn from. Raising a two-spirit child in a world filled with transphobia and racism is challenging enough. Doing so without the church family you hoped would be there for you is a lonely road. Life at the intersection of race and sexuality are areas in which the white church (in general) has consistently fallen short. We’re calling all to join us in stepping up to the plate and committing to doing better moving forward. Listen and learn.

Episode Notes

Check out these resources for conversations on the intersection of faith and sexuality/race:

The Trevor Project is a great resource for those in the LGBTQ2S+ community.
Two-Spirit & Indigenous LGBTQQIA Mentors, Elders & Grandparents Support Circle

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