Jason Elam Episode Thoughts…

It’s that time again! As an additional guide, discussion launching point, here are my (Dallas’) thoughts and questions.

-Manning quote. Boom. I gotta look more into this guy apparently.

-I sang on the podcast again. I gotta stop doing that 😂!

-There are a few skips in the episode. That has nothing to do with Jason or Blair, but my poor internet. Time to give some more coin to sasktel I guess.

-Jason doesn’t mention this on the pod, but I’ve heard now that he has a past as a professional wrestler. Amazing. This guy is fun!

-Jason talking about the role of podcasts in his life… is exactly how I feel. The episode in particular he talks about is here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-zeitcast-with-jonathan-martin/id1474849938?i=1000447495875

You should listen if you haven’t.

-The convo with Jason and William Paul Young can be found here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-messy-spirituality-podcast/id1459760015?i=1000461277671

-Seth Price at the “Can I say this at Church?” Podcast can be found here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/can-i-say-this-at-church-podcast/id1310212185?i=1000399836968 this is an old episode, but a good one!

-y’all read the shack or seen the movie on Netflix? You should. Sorry about a few SPOILERS!!!

-If you’ve heard our episode in season 1 with our friend Tim Furry, that’s how that episode felt to me. We broke down some past wounds, and found healing on the other side. That’s how the Jason WPY episode felt to me. Podcasts are a wild thing.

Here’s that episode with Timmy: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/shipwreck-over-safety/id1440693402?i=1000438131600

-JASON’S BOOK GOT FUNDED! I’m so pumped that the book is going to be a reality. This is going to help a lot of people feeling burnt out and done with religion and toxic forms of Christianity. Seriously. So. Pumped! Just watch our social media once it’s out and ready to order.

-You are not alone. Jason and we both believe this strongly. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

-Northcote is so beautiful. Love his work! Here’s an old video of his, but a classic. Check out his music on any streaming service (I think) or even better, buy a copy! https://youtu.be/KGVCLtuhWl0

-Speaking of not being alone, we hope that you hear the authenticity and honesty in our questions. We always ask questions that we personally have, and that we see others have.

-Jason opening up about his past being abused, it’s so tough to hear, but what courage and integrity to use his wounds to help others know, YOU AREN’T ALONE.

-Jason won’t ever be Billy Graham, but I believe his story will bring real healing to a lot of people. I’d rather be friends with Jason than the late great Billy.

-Julian of Norwich. Deb Ash taught us a bit about her here: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/shipwreck-over-safety/id1440693402?i=1000429298225

-“God is love, and so are you.”

-Church planting… I’ve seen lots and lots of folks hurt in this area lately. I’ve also seen lots of successful community.

-“What they really needed was food” so they shut down the worship service and love the community through feeding… YES! PLEASE!

-When the market shut down, it was really hard on Jason. He was open and honest about his brokeness over this not continuing, but it didn’t hold him down. Jason found another need that those around him need, and is meeting those needs.

-Church. It’s so complicated sometimes. So so soooo complicated. Anyone else feel this ever?

-“I preached thousands of sermons and I couldn’t point to one person whose life was changed by one of my sermons.”

-Table Centred. Always a seat for everybody. If there is a church to be had, this is what i wish it to be.

-Success. Blair nails success here. How is feeding people not measured as more successful than 2000 people packed in a multi-million dollar complex?

-Mike Yaconelli, here’s a little more on him here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Yaconelli

Blair and I both were youth ministry guys, so he was one of the “big wigs” of the field.

-“You don’t have to be who you’ve pretended to be all this time. Nobody expects that of you, but you.” That’s freedom.

-Church is complicated. (Again. Still.)

-Living on the beach. Regina… has a beach… 😂

See… I told you.

-the church of “I hate you”. That is far too relevant.

-This is far more important that our churches need to address. True involvement and true inclusion. Not only that but truly accessible and open for those with different needs than you or I may have.

-“If it’s built on fear it needs to be burnt down”

-Mega churches…. I know I’ve written about this before and received some strong criticism. Barf. I just can’t. If that’s your experience I’m not trying to say it’s wrong. I just have been in that mindset and system before, and I have seen so much hurt and loneliness.

-Health insurance in America. We aren’t experts, but double barf.

-“I just can’t do it anymore.” AMEN BROTHER!

-We crave intimacy and relationship. We crave intimacy and relationships. We crave intimacy and relationship. We crave intimacy and relationships. We crave intimacy and relationship. We crave intimacy and relationships.

-Jason doesn’t like war. Jason understands some of the historical context of Jesus time. Glad he brought it up.

-Everybody’s dead or turn the other cheek? One is the way of the empire, the other is the way of Jesus.

-Us versus Them. I was raised in that structure too. Not necessarily parents, but it was prevalent in my christian education (Sunday school, literature, etc)

-“What about Hitler?”

-Stephen Backhouse gets a mention… we were Podcast noobs, but here is that one: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/shipwreck-over-safety/id1440693402?i=1000424713152

Even though it’s old, this episode is more relevant now than ever. I miss Mr. Backhouse.

-Left Behind, Iran, The End Times. These folks are real and are spiritual counsel to the president of the United States… 😬

Such a poor reading of Scripture.

-Kirk Cameron… here: (I kinda don’t love sharing his stuff. https://youtu.be/2z-OLG0KyR4

This video truly describes an atheist’s nightmare 😂

-Brennan Manning here:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brennan_Manning

-Rich Mullins movie: https://youtu.be/bCnZOf9j4EI

I haven’t watched it tbh.

-Brennan Manning movie: https://youtu.be/Qib5ukY2DBs

Once again, I haven’t seen it.

-“I am the one that Jesus loves” 😭

-John Wilbur: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wilbur_(Quaker_minister)

-Keith Giles: cool video he does here, but also check out his books online: https://youtu.be/HoOGCNTDo-g

-Richard Rohr: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Rohr

-Brian Zahnd: https://brianzahnd.com/about/

-Mr. Rogers: https://youtu.be/YEYI4UJMcc4

-“Won’t you be my Neighbour” must watch.

-“The same love that emanates from these people we love, is the same love inside of us. The rest is bullshit.”

-Can you tell that Jason has preached before?!? Love hearing the passion he brings with his truth!

-We won’t share the link for the book Kickstarter, because he got it funded!


-Facebook family. I’ve met some incredible folks there including Jason. What a weird and wonderful world. One day, I’ll stand in the same room as Jason! Or the same beach, that works too-Blair’s turn on the Messy Spirituality podcast? I’d listen to that! 😎

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