Favourite Pod friends

Happy Wednesday friends! Today is typically the day that Blair and I would release a new episode, but life has been busy and complicated for both of us and our families the last few weeks. So, although it may not be quite as delightful as our scrumptious voices, we didn’t want to leave you stranded (😉) and so we thought we would maybe list some of our favourite podcast episodes that were not made by us!

We have relationships with some of the folks on this list, but not all. It also is not an exhaustive list, but a small sampling. There’s no order either, but we hope that you can find some wisdom and healing by listening to these episodes made by some wonderful people. Keep in mind as well, that some are considered very controversial, but are topics that I (Dallas) have been most intrigued and challenged by!

1. The Reckless Pursuit


-These are new friends of ours, but the few episodes I’ve listened to have been great in challenging “norms” in the church and theological views. This episode in particular talks with Todd Vick about things like neuroplasticity (how the hell do you spell that?!?), so what’s not to like!

2. Can I say this at Church?


-Seth Price over at “Can I say this at church?” Is producing incredible content. Now, it’s no surprise that my favourite episode of his is one with Brad Jersak. Probably not the last time you see his name on a recommended podcast. That being said, you won’t go wrong listening to most of his episodes here.

3. Brown Skin Stories


-This is a brand new podcast to me, but I’ve been trying to expand the content I’ve been listening to. Here is a fantastic place to start. I recommend listening and trying to understand how life is for those that are dealing with problems you and I may never have to deal with! This interview is fun and challenging!

4. The Messy Spirituality Podcast


-Very few podcast hosts have been as kind and gracious to me as Jason Elam over at “The Messy Spirituality Podcast”. He also has an amazing episode with Brad Jersak, but it was this episode with Steve Austin that was most impactful to me. They have a very open and honest chat about suicide and how that mixes with faith. Incredibly hard but challenging conversation. Definitely check out Jason’s work! I may or may not be on an episode as well 😉

5. The Zeitcast


-The Zeitcast is hosted by the namesake of our podcast, and has some ridiculously amazing guests, including Brad Jersak (I know, I know) and this particular episode has one of Blair and I’s favourite activists in Andre Henry. If you are even slightly serious about being part of healing racial divides and standing up against white supremacy, Andre has to be a voice you listen to and learn from. This conversation is a must.

6. The What If Project


-Glenn runs a fantastic podcast in which once again, the guests and topics stretch the imaginations and boundaries of what institutional Christianity tends to set. This episode with Austen Hartke is a perfect example of this, and I’m grateful for the conversation.

7. The Liturgists Podcast


-This Podcast is probably the most popular podcast in the area (sort of) of progressive Christianity and faith ideas. This one is just one of the more controversial episodes, so only listen if you are going in with an open mind. I did, and I learned a lot. Jamie Lee Finch is someone who continues to stretch my views in the areas of purity, sex, witches, etc. If this is too out there, check out one of their many other brilliant episodes!

8. The Bible for Normal People


– This is the only God ordained podcast on the internet. Pete and Jared consistently lead listeners into healing and challenging conversations. It’s hard to pick a favourite or most challenging episode, but it seems fitting to share this one with RHE. So so good.

9. Ask Science Mike


-Science Mike, who is also a host on the liturgist podcast (on leave) shares a glimpse into his beautiful mind and journey. This episode about ableism is challenging and inspiring! He also dives lots into many other science and faith topics which is so refreshing!

10. Parenting Forward


– Cindy Wang Brandt continues to produce amazing content for parents looking to leave behind the old “James Dobson” route of parenting for a more trauma-informed, child Centred route. It’s not an easy road, but I’m grateful to hear a new way to love and honour our children.

Just a reminder that this is NOT an exhaustive list at all, but rather a small glimpse at some of the most inspiring podcasts I’ve long enjoyed, or that are new and exciting to me.

I also acknowledge that I need to diversify my listening to include more unique experiences and voices.

These mentioned above are very much focused on the area that we tend to talk about in “Faith, Doubt, and Justice”. There are so many great podcasts outside of that realm, and even within it that I just didn’t include here.

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