SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: Hello/Goodbye – Season 1 Finale

Episode Summary

I hated clip shows growing up. I’d be so mad when The Simpsons did this. I wanted fresh material, dagnabbit! Now, at the ripe old age of 35, I realize that The Simpsons were giving me what I actually needed. An appreciation for their history and greatness and a reminder for why I loved them so. So, 12 year old baby Blair, take a spoonful of shut the hell up and remember why you love The Simpsons. Be grateful. Because clip show or not, it’s great. Jerk. This intro is 99% irrelevant. The point I’m trying to make is, we’re doing a wrap-up episode for season one. And there are clips in it. But this doesn’t suck like the clip shows of my youth. This one is good, I swear. I’m bad at self-promotion. We should have just done a podcast about The Simpsons…

Dallas and Blair dive into some of our favorite moments as we finish Season 1 and introduce what’s coming next in Season 2. What ideas and interviews impacted us the most? What have we been grateful for throughout this process? What has been difficult? What are we trying to accomplish with the Shipwreck Over Safety community? Will Dallas and Blair ever accept Dave for who he is and not what they want him to be? (Definite NO on that last one…)

Episode Notes

We want to thank everyone who contributed to Season 1:

Stephen Backhouse (
Kamara Willett (Twitter)
Deb Ash (
Colin Hall & Sarah Garden (
Jay Bird (Facebook)
Tim Furry (Twitter)

Featured Music
Northcote (
Marissa Burwell (iTunes)

Bryan Neufeld (Facebook)

Thank you to all the writers, bloggers, tweeters, bloggers, theologians, atheists, agnostics, friends, enemies (just kidding, kind of…) and family that have made such an impact on our lives and joined us at Shipwreck Over Safety. HUGE thank you to Lisa and Missy for allowing us to spend time on this weird thing. We’ll see you in a few months. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram as we’ll continue to share thoughts and ideas and look to engage with you. Much love.

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