12: You Belong In My Herd (w/ Tim Furry)

So many of us walk around lonely and afraid, unsure of how to connect with others. But we also know that we can’t do it alone. It feels unsafe and uncertain to put yourself out there because you’ve been burned so many times before. What if community is waiting for you, just not in the usual places? It doesn’t always have to look like church if you’re a Christian. And it’s possible to find outside of church if you aren’t. What if it’s more like an AA meeting and a sponsor? Or maybe sitting on a deck drinking coffee with anyone who will come? Or maybe it’s a weird little place called the Buffalo Lounge, where punks and misfits find a place to belong.

We talk with the legendary Tim Furry, a former youth minister, recovering addict, and all around bad-ass about creating community. Whether you’re looking for it in a church or you’ve given up on that and are seeking it elsewhere, you’ll find value in Tim’s heart for building community and finding a safe place for the outcasts and misfits, a group to which he proudly belongs.

Featuring music from a handful of old school Regina punk bands, along with our old faithful beauty, Northcote.

You Belong In My Herd

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