Mother God

Trigger Warning: Mother’s Day

A trigger warning about Mothers Day? Really, Blair?

It might seem odd to you, if not completely unnecessary. But Mothers Day is more complicated that it seems, and some people wish to steer clear altogether. Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating great mothers in our midst. I have an amazing mom, and she’s given me everything. We should celebrate moms and the extraordinary efforts they go to for us to have life. Here’s a thought: if we celebrated them every day, we wouldn’t need a cheesy commercialized holiday. But I digress…The point is that Mothers Day, for all its good intentions, still can hurt the people we care about the most.

Not everyone has a mom that’s gone above and beyond for them. Abandoned. Abused. Forgotten. LGBTQ2S kids who have been rejected by their mother. Some have a less than enthusiastic response at an opportunity to celebrate their mothers. They have good reason to want to forget.

Remember them today.

On the other end of the spectrum are moms whose kids take a path that leads them far from home. Addiction. Mental Health. Prison. While we celebrate our moms, some moms have no one to celebrate them.

Remember them today.

There are those who have lost their moms to death. Cancer. Accidents. Old age. Whatever the reason, the pain is palpable. Losing your mom must feel like a constant weight and nearly unbearable burden.

Remember them today.

Miscarriage impacts more people than we would think because it’s so seldom talked about openly. Shock. Trauma. Heartache. These mothers often suffer in silence, as people fail to understand their pain and recognize that they are mothers, too.

Remember them today.

Some want to be moms, but can’t. Infertility. Lack of a partner. Financial burden. It hurts them to see constant reminders and the uplifting of what they want but can’t have. The loss and pain is very real, while the world around them goes on as if they have nothing to mourn.

Remember them today.

I don’t know what I believe about the bible. For all of its beauty in the story of Jesus and redemption, there’s just as much that frustrates and concerns me. But regardless of what you believe, the biblical imagery of God as mother is too often overlooked, and it’s too beautiful to ignore.

God is described as a nursing mother filled with compassion. God is painted as a woman in labour, crying out for her child. The Psalmist paints an image of God knitting us together in our mothers womb. Jesus says he longs to gather us as a hen gathers her chicks. Hosea describes God as a ferocious mother bear, robbed of her cubs and on the attack to bring them home and protect them. Mary, mother of Jesus, is the bravest of heroes in the story of Jesus, risking everything to be the mother she needed to be.

The church so often forgets (or purposefully ignores) God as mother. It’s missing out on something profound. Relationships with mothers are complicated, but for those struggling today, look to God as your mother.

Protector. Provider. Nurturer. Comforter.

If you haven’t had this kind of mother in your life, or are a mother suffering the loss of your child, know that you aren’t alone. We see you. God sees you. God is a mother to the motherless.

Celebrate your mothers.

Remember those who can’t celebrate today.

We stand with you.

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