11: Shame

Everyone battles shame. Maybe even more so if you grew up with religion in your life. It swallows us up and spits us out. We all feel so alone in our shame, not realizing everyone else lives there as well. So we hide it until we can’t do damage control anymore. Do certain people deserve to be shamed? How does Jesus handle shame? What are the impacts of purity culture? How is shame used as a weapon in the Church? How do we get rid of shame? Shame is a powerful motivator, but not a good one. As always, we don’t have the answers, but we hope that through some honest conversation and a little bit of grace, we can take some of the power away from shame.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode talks openly about abuse, which may cause emotional harm to some. Please don’t listen if this conversations might hurt rather than help you. If you don’t know where to go, follow these links and talk to someone you trust. You are worth it.

For more information on the incredible people we talked about on this episode, check out the following links:


2 thoughts on “11: Shame

  1. Thank you for being vulnerable and getting real about shame. You guys are a great example of love and inclusiveness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Christa. Very much appreciated. Time for us to start talking about it and get it out of the dark.


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