SEASON 1, EPISODE 10: Christianity, Commercialism, And Cultural Appropriation In The Context of…Cyoga (w/ Sarah Garden & Colin Hall)

Episode Summary

You’ve probably seen the articles. “15 Reasons Why Christians Shouldn’t Do Yoga” or something along those lines. For some reason, there’s a belief among many Evangelicals that yoga is dangerous. That it leads people away from God. That it’s “New Age” ideology. There’s also many who practice yoga on a regular basis without a thought, treating it as if it belongs to them. They have little idea about where it started and what it means to participate in something sacred that’s become nothing more than an exercise routine.

What if it’s neither dangerous, nor ours for the taking? What if yoga is a means of possibly connecting to God, ourselves, and the world around us through stillness. Maybe we need to understand what it is before we participate or write it off. We talk yoga with Bodhi Tree Yogi’s, Colin and Sarah Hall. They give us an education on yoga and much more. We talk making yoga accessible, it’s commercialism in the West, abusive leadership parallels in yoga and the church, cultural appropriation and much more!

Episode Notes

You can connect with Colin and Sarah at the following:
Bodhi Tree Yoga
Colin Hall Yoga
Online Classes

Instagram: @bodhitreeregina@colinyogin

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