So You Want To Make A Point?

How do we go about making a point that we believe strongly in?

Perhaps we start a podcast?

A blog?

Post on Facebook?

Write a book?

Troll on twitter?

Drive in big gas guzzling semis?

I suppose that was too easy. While we have received lots of positive feedback about our podcast, we’ve also been told by people that there isn’t a point. It has gotten to the place numerous times where both Blair and I have questioned whether or not we should continue or stop to avoid offending people, or more importantly, not be counter productive to our mission and vision for Shipwreck Over Safety.

We’ve heard enough stories of genuine love and change in some people’s lives and worldviews. Even though we aren’t planning on stopping now, we also commit to continuing to evaluate how we do the podcast, as well as why, in order to create positive change and dialogue regardless of the hit our reputations take in certain circles.

So this brings me back to the gas guzzling semis. This whole anti-carbon tax thing genuinely has me puzzled. Perhaps I just don’t really understand it.

Farmers and oil workers are great. They deserve to be able to provide for their families, and I see where there is genuine concern about the sustainability of their various fields considering both the current mess that is our beautiful planet we keep destroying… and that genuine concern then gets pushed into full fledged mayhem and fear mongering by politicians and wealthy folk who are afraid to lose their riches at the cost of pursuing sustainable and less damaging technology/energy sources.

So they want to make a statement, and they did. Was it the right one though?

Apparently over 700 trucks cruised into the thriving conservative hotbed of Regina, Saskatchewan. All with the mission of protesting the carbon tax imposed by our federal government.

I’m not even advocating for the carbon tax as the best solution to fix our environment. Not in the slightest.

BUT, how does driving semi trucks while running over city roads across the country (let alone hundreds of them) prove your point? Hurt the environment more by driving extra? I just don’t get it, but I’m sure some of my wonderful friends and associates will willingly fill me in.

A guy at the rally was interviewed on the news and said he was a farmer so he automatically is an environmentalist and cares more about the environment than those who aren’t farmers.

I love farmers… both my parents grew up on farms and I still have family that farm. This statement isn’t meant as an attack on farmers, but rather a clarification…

Being a farmer does not make you an environmentalist. I’ve seen far too much evidence to the contrary. Are they intentionally hurting the environment or anti-environment? Of course not, but just because you work most of your days outside doesn’t mean your priorities are suddenly earth care over bottom line.

I truly wish that farmers were the leaders of this change, but instead I fear that some false-“science” and loud politicians have led some farmers to believe that the federal government (and many other groups) are their enemies if they don’t fly a conservative flag.

So, someone justify this truck convoy to me, and let’s all continually evaluate our motives AND our strategies before and during whatever it is we choose to stand for.

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