Learning To Listen: White Privilege

What is white privilege and what does it mean to acknowledge it? How do we benefit from it as white men? What are the inequities people with a different shade of skin than ours face? We are by no means experts. But you don’t have to be an expert to examine yourself and change your direction, and this is what we try to do here. Races are not uniform. But one thing they all have in common is living in a world that caters to whiteness.

Sidenote: Some things we say may come out of the very same white privilege we are hoping to challenge. We cannot and should not speak for people of any race. We intend to speak on whiteness and challenge ourselves and others, but in doing so, may end up putting our foot in our mouth. So if we overstep our bounds, feel free to correct us! We want to learn and do better in this. We’d rather try and have people tell us we’re wrong than stay silent and settle for the status quo.

Learning To Listen: White Privilege

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