Learning To Listen: An Indigenous Perspective In A World Made For Whiteness

We begin our Learning To Listen series with a conversation about race. We invited the brilliant and gracious Jay Bird to the studio basement for a wide ranging conversation about living as an Indigenous man in a society that caters to whiteness. We talk about what his connection to all things spiritual and his connection to God and church. We ask if he believes reconciliation is even possible. Spoiler Alert: He does! We discuss Colten Boushie and Nathan Phillips and the cultural response to both. For the comic book nerds among us, Jay tells us why he relates more to villainous characters than the classic superhero. All this and much more!

It’s a good one. Enjoy!

Learning To Listen: An Indigenous Perspective In A World Made For Whiteness

2 thoughts on “Learning To Listen: An Indigenous Perspective In A World Made For Whiteness

  1. Discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in shaping the 21st Century. How and why we are living in such advancements in all area’s of knowledge; could this be attributed to spiritually generated power via the Holy Spirit? How do you see yourselves within the macrocosm of the development of global events the Holy Spirit influenced if they are divinely influenced? Perhaps in subject areas such as; commerces, industry, technology, space exploration, sexuality, astrotheology within Christianity (magi), and/or new revelations about “people-kinds” past technologies that can’t be equated for? Is it all man’s imagination and intellect producing innovation or is there a transcendent dissemination and providence to the order human development?

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    1. Hey Dino! Somehow I missed this when you posted. I approved it, but forgot to respond. Interesting topic idea! I’ll chat with Dallas. Holy Spirit would definitely be an interesting conversation.


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