7: Women & The Church, Part 2 (w/ Deb Ash)

Is God male or female? The answer is YES (SIDENOTE: Why do men care so much about God NOT being a woman? Our sexism is showing). We are joined by the brilliant Deb Ash to discuss all this and more. With her vast education, she shares her wisdom on everything from her female heroes, thoughts on Egalitarian and Complementarian views, to how men can and should make space for women in the church. Also, feminism isn’t as scary of a word as christian men seem to think it is…

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Women & The Church, Part 2

1 thought on “7: Women & The Church, Part 2 (w/ Deb Ash)

  1. Good talk. I agree with egalitarianism and complimentary. Many people interpret how they want. Maybe I am fortunate to not experience a closed minded catholic setting as some others may felt they have. Women are always teaching at our church and participate in the giving of the eucharist, readings to the congregation , teaching RCIA and many other things. Good chat for sure.


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