5: Women & The Church, Part 1 (w/ Kamara Willett)

We’ve invited a couple guests to join us for a 2 part series on women and the church. We know this is an important topic, and as two males, we are in no way qualified to provide any answers. We decided instead to try and learn a thing or two. We invited guests to not only talk about their experience as a woman in the church, but to also share their wisdom on a variety of topics. Believe it or not, men, women are qualified to talk about more than just women’s issues…Shocking, I know.

Part 1 features Kamara Willett, a brilliant lawyer and thoughtful conversationalist. She shares thoughts on the justice system, racism in the context of the Gerald Stanley trial, along with thoughts about the Justice For Our Stolen Children Camp in Regina, SK. We then dive into her experience of growing up in the church and later walking away from faith, all the while still loving the people within those walls. Join us! It’s a good one.

Women & The Church

2 thoughts on “5: Women & The Church, Part 1 (w/ Kamara Willett)

  1. thanks guys and Kamara…. I can so relate to a woman’s role in the church !!!! Sometimes( at least in my case) really depends on the Pastor.One Pastor let women do almost everything except be an elder and serve communion to the next only allowing women to be greeters and ushers….In our former church I was on almost every committee as well as teaching Sunday school and did the readings at least once a month,mostly more often… then a change in pastor and everything changed…… I quit everything,felt really unworthy…. Things have to change to draw people back into HIS service…. Keep up the great work..

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    1. Thanks Eleanor! Thanks for listening and sharing your experience. You are not now and never have been unworthy! Much love to you. -B


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