3: What In The Evangelic-hell? (w/ Stephen Backhouse)

Oh, evangelicals…specifically of the white variety. The blind support of Trump from white evangelicals has brought us to a breaking point, one we should have reached long ago. The need for an honest conversation and serious evaluation is long overdue. Some people are sick of this conversation. Some call for “unity” amongst differing opinions. Others want to “rise above the fray” as if this conversation isn’t worth having. But since when did unity mean ignoring injustice or abandoning our morals for political power? And the problem is deeper than Trump. White evangelicals have been ready for a reckoning for some time, and the time is now. Is the white evangelical church worth saving? Is it even Christianity? 

Join us as we dive into a conversation surrounding white evangelicals and their support of Donald Trump. We’re joined by guest, Dr. Stephen Backhouse. Stephen has a doctorate from the University of Oxford and multiple master’s degrees from McGill University in Montreal and Oxford, where he also did his undergraduate studies in philosophy and theology. He is a historian of Christian thought, an expert on the work of Søren Kierkegaard and an authority on the political theology of nations and nationalism.

What In The Evangelic-hell?

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