SEASON 1, EPISODE 2: Weird Sh*t Christians Say

Episode Summary

God needed another angel…
Everything happens for a reason…
Love the sinner, hate the sin…
It’s a slippery slope…

This episode dives into Christian cliches, the damage they can do, the challenges they present, and why most of them should just be thrown in the trash and eliminated from our vocabulary.

Episode Notes

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2 thoughts on “SEASON 1, EPISODE 2: Weird Sh*t Christians Say

  1. God doesn’t micro manage every little thing. I’ve never heard this in my church. But some of the stuff you mentioned the first one, I forget what it was I just remembered being shocked. I dont know for sure where people get their phrases, but there are all sorts of parables and such in the bible meant for comfort and reflect on the world around us. A lot of these things could be cultural. Ugh I should be writing this stuff down because I have some answers for something’s. You would have a hard time speaking to non believers at these point cause they need to know other things first so I agree. However an example of loss, I lost everything, I was alone and pregnant, I had a fire that took away my two loved dogs.whom were everything to me. I read that god wants you to love him more than anything else so maybe threw this shit at me so It might jolt me. That felt hurtful, but then I read the story of JOB and learnt about season of loss. The stuff you guys are saying sounds like the stuff reformed church of christ people say in my experince..from my understanding there are simply actions and reactions like anything physical and metaphysical level. And all the things that are addressed or issues we face are also issues people from way back faced. See, I’m on my journey still in finding this love of christ and so I can understand what you are saying. Anyways too much to type but so far from what i gather is God will decide. Nobody not a soul on earth can say he or she will go to hell. Maybe there are specific warnings, however, nobody knows gods plan for sure. Only god knows this. And as for people with disabilities I asked about this issue and they spoke about how jesus was a huge lover of kids and innocence and that its grotesque that anyone would even assume that god would send mentally challenged or other disabilities to hell. People who are incapable of understanding or even people who never knew jesus are not accountable. We do not have the authority to say who goes to heaven or hell.


    1. P.s when I mentioned shocked I meant shocked about shit people said to you.


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